What You Should Know about Web Design and Web Development

The Internet has become a significant part of our daily life. It has surfaced as an excellent platform for websites and web applications designed and developed by IT software solutions providers. These days, individuals and businesses alike require websites to market their products and services. However, it is worth noting that creating a website or web application does not only involve web design; it also includes the development work. IT companies incorporate both web design and web development to create sites that bring great online exposure to your business and let your presence be noticed in the target marketplace so click here to get started .

Most people tend to think that web design and web developments are the same. The fact is that the two have different meanings. While these two subjects go hand in hand in website building; there is a major difference between the two functions. As such, it a good idea to examine what these two, are all about.

Basically, web designing is creating a web page and includes graphics and colors. It is related to the graphical representation or the look and feel of the website. Web designing tasks involve understanding the most aesthetically gratifying colors, pictures, fonts, and page setups. These professionals also use both their aesthetic knowledge and their esthetic virtues to make the project as inviting and irresistible as possible.

Web development is related to the programming functions that work behind the interactive ability of the web pages. It focuses on constructing the back-end or creating the functionality of the site, which is done through programming. Essentially, a developer builds the site from scratch and mainly focuses on making the website work effectively. Web development projects are all about coding and formulating server side applications. The development part entails the working of the website as well as the interaction between different web pages.

Web developers also commonly referred to as web programmers need to have considerable experience and skills on multiple platforms. A developer will require sound knowledge in a variety of tools such as HTML, XHTML, Java server pages, PHP.NET, database, and other more info .

While both the designer and developer are needed to undertake a website design project each one of them plays a unique role. A web designer handles the visual appearance aspect of the website while the developer handles the functionality of the site.

The real magic in any web project happens and sparks fly when both the web developer and web designer work with a common aim of delivering outstanding results. In order to understand web design and web development better, you can link the two concepts to the comparison between architecture and the construction of a building.